Duracryl Flooring Systems


A seamless and tough elastic floor that is ideal for buildings that are used intensively and where wear-resistance is required. That is why the Durapur selflevelling floor is often found in offices, schools, museums to hospitals and factory areas. The floor is a modern and lovely alternative to familiar floor coverings such as vinyl and linoleum, but then easier to maintain and repair. The Durapur selflevelling floor is robust and impact-resistant, liquid-proof and resistant to strong chemical substances. The floor also provides effective heat insulation. The floor can be installed in various degrees of hardness, depending on the burden that the floor will endure, from office spaces with soft floors to industrial spaces where forklift trucks will be driven. The Durapur poured floor has an even and smooth appearance and is available in various standard colours. By mixing various colours, or by adding colour flakes, the poured floor can be given its own design or even a look of concrete.