Duracryl Flooring Systems


Sprayflex is the ideal floor or wall finishing for washrooms and high care environments. It is a seamless sprayed wall and floor finish. The floor has a high molecular density that, after a brief exothermic reaction, results in a very tough and highly elastic protective layer. The smooth, seamless surface makes this material very easy to clean. Sprayflex has a robust sprayed elastic character and is highly chemical-resistant and impact-resistant. The floor is tough elastic and can conceal cracks. Sprayflex is a beautiful, but also functional material. The texture and the colour can be adjusted based on the project. In addition to floors and on walls, Sprayflex can also be applied effectively on foamed or flexible foundations, such as furniture. Sprayflex is fast-drying and as a result, is also highly suitable for renovation. In short, Sprayflex is the solution for projects in which the aesthetics of the floor combine with flexibility and functionality.